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Ballplayers Training Ballplayers

Who We Are

BPC is a network of baseball professionals who design programs for serious ballplayers who are striving to play high level high school, college baseball, and beyond. Our experienced staff is comprised of former professional players, collegiate players, active college coaches, and professional scouts. BPC offers professional-style baseball training to develop all-around ballplayers and pitchers at every level, year-round. the bpc staff combines their knowledge base, use of professional grade player development technology, and facilities to help maximize player development. this gives every player in our building the tools, knowledge, and network of resources necessary to reach long term success in their baseball career. 

What We Do


Pitching and Hitting


BPC offers private lessons and group training programs for all ballplayers in the Kansas City area. These programs run year round but only require a month-month commitment!

All training programs are ran and designed by pro scouts, college coaches, and former pro and college ballplayers! 


bpc in-house year round team program is Designed for high-level, serious-minded baseball families. bpc staff coached teams are made up of individuals who are looking for a serious baseball home with teammates that share the same long-term goals of playing high level high school and college baseball. Our high school team program includes help with recruiting and college program placement.

bpc #1 goal is helping players succeed in college baseball and beyond.


Do you coach a baseball team but don't have the same experience as our staff? 

Do you want to keep your current team name and coaching staff?

BPC offers non-BPC teams access to our training equipment, facilities, and the same high-level training programs that the players on our staff-coached teams receive year round. You can keep your team name and all of your coaches, and BPC can work with your coaches to help create professional plans on player development, roster, practice, and game management. All teams that work with us gain access to the BPC professional-grade indoor training facility, our professional coaching network, processes, and equipment.

Coach your own team, like a pro, and turn your players into Ballplayers with help from BPC

Tell us how we can help your ballplayers succeed!

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